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Tongue Tie Specialist Near Me, Bakersfield CA

Dana Yeoman, DDS evaluates and treats tethered oral issues affecting infants and kids through a procedure known as frenectomy or frenotomy. The purpose of the procedure is to increase the range of motion when there’s limited movement due to having an upper lip or tongue tied. Tongue Tie Lip Tie Treatment (Frenectomy) in Bakersfield, CA …

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Does My Baby Need A Frenectomy? Bakersfield CA

Having a frenectomy is the most common procedure for infants and children who have Lip-Tie or Tongue-Tie issues, particularly if their tongue or lip is tied. It is fairly common for babies to have tongue-tie or lip-tie issues, which can be treated by a professional. Your child may experience difficulties with breastfeeding, dental decay, spacing …

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Tongue Tie Lip Tie

FAQs About Tongue Tie, Lip Tie Treatment in Bakersfield CA

Frenectomies are frequently performed on infants and children with Lip-Tie or Tongue-Tie issues. A frenectomy may be employed to treat a tongue-tie or lip-tie condition in those born with it. Your child might have a number of reasons for having a tongue-tie or lip-tie condition, but you can have it treated by a professional. If …

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tongue tie lip treatment

Frenotomy Near Me, Bakersfield, CA

Frenotomy A simple surgical procedure called a frenotomy can be performed in the hospital nursery or physician’s office with or without anesthesia. The doctor scrutinizes the lingual frenulum and then cuts it free using sterile scissors. Because there are few nerve cells or blood vessels in the lingual frenulum, the procedure is quick and minimizes …

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Tongue Tie, Lip Tie Treatment for Infants – Near Me, Bakersfield CA

Diagnosis Tongue-tie is typically diagnosed during a physical exam. For infants, the doctor might use a screening tool to score various aspects of the tongue’s appearance and ability to move. Treatment Treatment for tongue-tie is controversial. Some doctors and lactation consultants recommend correcting it right away — even before a newborn is discharged from the …

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Meet Your Specialist for Baby Tongue Tie, Lip Tie Treatment (Frenectomy) in Bakersfield, CA

Meet Dana Yeoman, DDS Dr. Dana Yeoman’s Promise To You ✅ I will answer as many questions as you have, until you feel comfortable with the solution.✅ I only use local anesthetic to minimize discomfort for the baby.✅ I never to put your baby under general sedation.✅ I show you in person how to do …

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