tongue tie lip tie

Baby Tongue Tie, Lip Tie Treatment Specialist in Bakersfield CA

Dr. Dana Yeoman’s Promise To You

✅ I will answer as many questions as you have, until you feel comfortable with the solution.
✅ I only use local anesthetic to minimize discomfort for the baby.
✅ I never to put your baby under general sedation.
✅ I show you in person how to do the stretches to prevent reattachment.
✅ I will always be understanding with your concerns.
✅ Your baby’s health and wellness always comes first.

If you are experiencing problems with breastfeeding, consider getting a frenectomy for your baby. This easy procedure would cut the tight frenum from their tongue or lip and use a high-tech dental laser to do so. The procedure is safe enough for one day old babies- it’s quick and gentle! Contact Us today to book your appointment.