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Tongue Tie, Lip Tie Treatment for Infants in Bakersfield CA


Tongue-tie is typically diagnosed during a physical exam. For infants, the doctor might use a screening tool to score various aspects of the tongue’s appearance and ability to move.


Treatment for tongue-tie is controversial. Some doctors and lactation consultants recommend correcting it right away — even before a newborn is discharged from the hospital. Others prefer to take a wait-and-see approach.

Some people advocate for early treatment, believing that infants with tongue-tie are at risk of tongue-rot and other oral health problems.

But some experts believe that waiting for a few months to correct the tie will not cause harm. Instead, it will allow the infant’s suckling reflex to develop and help the baby to develop a good latch. In some cases, infants may also have difficulty breastfeeding successfully without treatment.

After determining which approach is best for your baby, you can get advice from a lactation consultant or doctor who specializes in breastfeeding.

What is a tongue-tie?

A tongue-tie is a small band of connective tissue that runs from the center of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth (near your baby’s chin) and then connects with the underside of your baby’s soft palate. A tight band that attaches to the back side of your baby’s tongue will pull her mouth open, which can make it difficult for her to nurse effectively.

What causes a tongue-tie?

Tongue Tie, Lip Tie Treatment for Infants – Near Me

If you are experiencing problems with breastfeeding, consider getting a frenectomy for your baby. This easy procedure would cut the tight frenum from their tongue or lip and use a high-tech dental laser to do so. The procedure is safe enough for one day old babies- it’s quick and gentle! Contact Us today to book your appointment.