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Frenotomy Near Me, Bakersfield, CA


A simple surgical procedure called a frenotomy can be performed in the hospital nursery or physician’s office with or without anesthesia. The doctor scrutinizes the lingual frenulum and then cuts it free using sterile scissors. Because there are few nerve cells or blood vessels in the lingual frenulum, the procedure is quick and minimizes discomfort.

The frenulum is the most prominent part of the frenulum or frenulae, which are two sets of tissue that attach to the lower front teeth. It’s often called the “tongue tie” because it can cause speech problems by restricting movement. The lingual frenulum connects to a cluster of smaller muscles that control tongue movement. This tissue can be found anywhere along the side and back of the tongue. It can also be found in other parts of the mouth, but more commonly on the sides and back of the tongue.

What to expect from your doctor

The doctor is likely to ask you a number of questions. For example:

  • If your infant has tongue-tie, are you having trouble breast-feeding him or her?
  • If your older child has tongue-tie, is he or she having trouble making certain sounds or taking care of his or her teeth?
  • Is a gap developing between your child’s two bottom front teeth?
  • If you have tongue-tie, are you concerned about activities you’re not able to do because of limited tongue movement?

Tongue Tie, Lip Tie Treatment for Infants – Near Me

If you are experiencing problems with breastfeeding, consider getting a frenectomy for your baby. This easy procedure would cut the tight frenum from their tongue or lip and use a high-tech dental laser to do so. The procedure is safe enough for one day old babies- it’s quick and gentle! Contact Us today to book your appointment.